Headache-Free Moving Advice: 3 Steps Closer to a New Home

No matter how many times you do it, moving doesn’t really get any easier. If you have a family, an action figure hobby or pretty much anything other than a minimalist lifestyle, the concept of packing up everything you own into tidy boxes is intimidating.

Unless friends and family can rally a fleet of large SUVs, trucks and plenty of muscle, most people have to hire professional movers. That investment alone can be a huge relief, but there’s still the packing and unpacking to contend with.

Check out the following moving advice inspired by the TLC Home network.

1. Pack little-used items far in advance. Don’t wait to start packing. Just don’t—squash the procrastination bug right away. Start packing largely unused items roughly two months away from the moving date. Take care of seasonal decorations, clothes that aren’t being worn, books, DVDs, guest room contents and anything else that can sit quietly without being missed for a little while. Label every box by its room or contents, and put things from a certain room in the same box. There shouldn’t be kitchen utensils in a box with “bathroom” scrawled on it, or unpacking will be a nightmare.

2. Plan menus to use up pantry food. Cans and boxes of dry goods are obnoxious to pack, move and unpack. Chances are, the food in the back of the cupboards isn’t on any favorites list. It may even be going bad soon. So, take some time and create a menu using up as much old stuff as you can. Don’t go overboard, but exercising creative muscles never hurt anybody.

3. Make sure the moving estimate includes everything. A small oversight on the amount of boxes, rooms or furniture that needs assembling could lead to additional charges. Moving day will present enough headaches, and the professionals you hire shouldn’t add to them. To get the best customer service experience possible, try out the newest brainchild of prolific entrepreneur Brian Scudamore, a company called You Move Me (www.youmoveme.com/us).

You Move Me reimagines the average moving company by striving for the smoothest customer-oriented transition possible. The startup company, which is still looking for interested franchise owners, takes pride in the little details—like showing up with coffee ordered in advance to help everyone get through the day. Or giving families their first housewarming gift so they can turn a house into a home. Plus, You Move Me offers wardrobe service, assembly, disassembly and travel protection at no extra cost.

For help choosing a moving company, or to find more advice on moving and packing (or unpacking!), visit www.youmoveme.com/us.