The Energy Upgrade Every Room Needs

Ceiling fans are more than pure decorative elements. They cool down rooms in warm weather and maintain comfortable temperatures during the winter. But besides offering powerful environmental effects for every room, the right fan often helps complete the look of a room.

The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers the following reasons to consider a new ceiling fan.

1. Ceiling fans help you stay comfortable. Rooms with ceiling fans enjoy a breeze that makes the ambient temperature feel eight degrees cooler than reality because of the increased airflow (otherwise known as CFM or cubic feet per minute). That bit of airflow can save homeowners as much as 40 percent on energy bills, specifically air conditioning. CFM, which ranges from 2,000 to 10,000, may be more important than motor size. Choose a 48- to 52-inch-wide fan with about 4,500 CFM.

2. Ceiling fans add beauty. Modern ceiling fan varieties have expanded by the hundreds, including a huge span of color palettes and personalized designs. The decorating choices are practically limitless.

3. Ceiling fans can be sized to every space. For general guidance, use these measurements:

a. Small Room (0-75 square feet) means a 36 inch diameter fan.
b. Small/Medium Room (76-144 square feet) means a 42-50 inch diameter fan.
c. Medium Room (144-225 square feet) means a 52-54 inch diameter fan.
d. Large Room (225-400 square feet) means a 54-72 inch diameter fan.
e. Great Room (400-plus square feet) requires more than one fan installation, each being 52-72 inches.

4. Ceiling fans work year-round. During the winter months, you can increase energy efficiency by running your ceiling fan in reverse on low speed. Hot air rises, and the fan’s winter flow circulates warm air downward.

5. Ceiling fans have the latest technology in place. Brushless Direct Current ceiling fan motors only consume 18-33 watts of energy. Using standard electric costs, that’s less than $.01 per hour. Some fans have circuit boards and optic sensors that adjust speeds to run faster or slower, depending on the weight of the blade installed, and most come with wall or hand-held controls.

See the latest fan designs at your local ALA-member retailer. You can also talk to an expert about the ceiling fans that are most appropriate and energy efficient for your space, needs and budget.

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